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Eurolite Xenon Super Plasma Headlight Bulbs (DP)

Eurolite Xenon Super Plasma Headlight Bulbs (DP) - click to enlarge
Upgrade your headlight bulbs with Eurolite's fully DOT legal Xenon Super Plasma bulbs. Approaching the look of expensive HID lights, these performance bulbs use high-pressure xenon gas to deliver a brilliant white light with an intense purple plasma tint. Xenon Super plasma technology gives these bulbs 30% greater lumen output than standard bulbs. The whiter, brighter beam offers enhanced nighttime visibility and reduced eyestrain. Easy screw-in installation using your vehicles existing headlight wiring harness. Fully DOT / SAE legal in all 50 states and Canada. Sold as a pair.


  • Brighter Than Standard Halogen Bulbs
  • Fully DOT / SAE Certified
  • Improved Visibility, Less Eye Strain
  • Bright, White Light Output
  • High-Pressure Xenon Gas Charged
  • Quartz Glass Capsule with Plasma Purple Filter Coating
  • Industry Standard Mounting Base


  • Color Temperature: Approx. 4800K
  • DOT / SAE Approved: Yes

9004 | Mounting Type: 9004 (also known as HB1) | Power Consumption: 45W Low Beam / 65W High Beam

9005 | Mounting Type: 9005 (also known as HB3) | Power Consumption: 65W High Beam

9006 | Mounting Type: 9006 (also known as HB4) | Power Consumption: 55W Low Beam

9007 | Mounting Type: 9007 (also known as HB) | Power Consumption: 55W Low Beam / 65W High Beam

Remember to never touch the glass capsule when installing your new bulbs. Oils from your skin (even clean skin) can cause premature failure of the bulb. If you accidentally touch the glass capsule, clean in thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and a clean, lint-free cloth.

Order code9000DPSERIES
Suggested Retail Price$44.99
Aum Auto Sale Price:$24.49 (46% Savings)
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